Busy with coloured pencil

I’ve been spending the majority of my creative time working with coloured pencil. It is a wonderful medium to work with, without the mess and fussing (and clean up) that painting in acrylic or oil demands. I enjoy trying to achieve a somewhat realistic rendering of my subjects, and find working on animal art projects the most satisfying. The techniques I use are dependent on the type of paper, and combination of pencils I employ as coloured pencil art requires massive amounts of layering of colour to achieve the final result. I have done a couple of floral projects recently as well, one from a tutorial by Lisa Ann Watkins, and the other simply working from my own reference photo of a marigold in my flowerbed.

Marigold on bristol smooth in coloured pencil. A4 size. My own reference photo.
Red rose. From a tutorial by Lisa Ann Watkins. Coloured pencil on pastelmat paper.

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