Embracing Pastel and Coloured Pencil

I have been working more and more in soft pastel and coloured pencil. As part of my development in this area I have discovered the critical requirements of the “right” kind of paper for this medium. Yes, even having the best pencils or pastels will not give you the results you are seeking if the paper or substrate you are using does not have the tooth to accept the pigment. Most recently I have been using pastelmat, and although I can achieve good results on this type of paper I also enjoy working on sanded paper. Usually 600 or 800 grit UART paper. The only issue with the sanded paper is blending with your fingertip! It wears the skin down and if I’m not careful I end up with very sore fingers…..no pain no gain perhaps 🙂

I also am following many fine artists on youtube and instagram. The resources available to developing artists are phenomenal and I appreciate the generosity of the art community in the sharing of information and techniques.

Earlier this summer (2019) I participated in a plein air painting event sponsored by Opus Fine Art in Kelowna. Lots of fun and and certainly is good practice for artists developing skills to “draw on the spot”. My work in progress is shown below.

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