Studio Assistants

I’ve got to say that these two critters bring an overload of cuteness to my studio space.  We adopted Sid and Eddie in December 2020 from the Okanagan Humane Society.  They certainly are “double trouble”, but make up for their shenanigans by being so photogenic 🙂

I’ve had to change some of my work habits, such as not leaving things out that can become toys or some kind of exotic food group, but other than that they have not been a problem at all.  They are difficult to tell apart, but Eddie has the Golden eyes and Sids’ have a green cast.  Sid also has more white hair in his ears.  When they are walking away you can’t tell them apart!  


This is a picture of Eddie when we first brought him home.  He sure was a cutie!  We didn’t want him to be alone, so it just seemed natural that his litter mate Sid would be invited to come home with us too. 


Here they are in their “Cat Condo”.  I used this picture as a reference for one of my new pastel paintings.  Just lounging around!

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